Global Traveling. Investigate section of State’s COVID-19 webpage just before organize any worldwide trip.

Please do not journey to Colombia as a result COVID-19. Exercise enhanced extreme caution in Colombia considering civil unrest, crime, terrorism and kidnapping. Some spots have raised danger. Take a look at complete Journey Advisory.

The clinics for condition regulation and Prohibition (CDC) offers granted an even 4 journey overall health note for Colombia due to COVID-19, suggesting an impressive degree of COVID-19 today. Your danger of getting COVID-19 and building serious problems might be reduce if you find yourself totally vaccinated with an FDA licensed vaccine. Before creating any worldwide travel, make sure you look at the CDC’s particular suggestions for completely vaccinated and unvaccinated tourist. Check out the Embassy’s COVID-19 page for additional information on COVID-19 in Colombia.

Land Overview: Colombia try encountering continued presentations, unrest, and disruptions through the region. The country wide competition trigger the shutdown of local streets and big roads, often without past find or predicted reopening timelines. Road closures may dramatically reduce the means to access public transportation and airports and can even affect vacation both within and between spots. a few spots have observed vandalism, looting, and deterioration. Demonstrations have brought about deaths and problems around the world.

Aggressive theft, such as for instance murder, attack, and provided theft, is common. Organized unlawful strategies, just like extortion, burglary, and kidnapping for redeem, is common.

While the European dating services Colombian federal signed a tranquility agreement utilizing the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) terrorist cluster, some dissident teams decline to demobilize.

The domestic Liberation military (ELN) enemy group carries on plotting conceivable strikes in Colombia. They could battle without or no caution, concentrating on travel places, travel modems, opportunities/shopping shopping centers, government areas, resort hotels, organizations, eateries, destinations of reverence, commons, key displaying and national activities, universities, flight terminals, along with other open cities.

Severe criminal activity, most notably provided theft and murder try prevalent.

Enemy groups are actually effective in some areas.

The U.S. national keeps limited capacity to supply unexpected emergency providers to U.S. individuals as U.S. federal workforce cannot visit these aspects caused by protection includes.

Numerous Divisions through the Region – Reexamine Vacation

Severe crime, such as equipped burglary and homicide, is actually common.

The U.S. federal enjoys confined capability to incorporate disaster facilities to U.S. residents as U.S. authorities personnel cannot go these segments since protection restrictions and restricted residential travel alternatives.

Previous revise: Reissued with upgrades to municipal unrest facts.

Embassy Messages


Speedy Truth

Half a year’ legitimacy was firmly advised.

One webpage essential for entrance stamp unless enrolled in Migracion Automatica, an application for frequent visitors.

Not essential for visits 90 days or fewer.

Yellow-fever inoculation is essential for travelers from several places or seeing specific nationwide commons.

For many hours and facilities, please go to the U.S. Embassy Bogota website.

Location Information

Understand office of State’s Fact layer on Colombia for all about U.S. – Colombia interaction.

Entry, Exit and Credit Demands

Please have a look at the Embassy’s COVID-19 webpage for additional information on entry/exit requirements involving COVID-19 in Colombia.

All U.S. people that do maybe not likewise keep Colombian citizenship must demonstrate a valid U.S. ticket to penetrate by leaving Colombia. U.S. citizens have no need for a Colombian visa for a tourist or sales keep of three months or much less or perhaps for collective visits of 180 days or a lesser amount of per twelve months. Before the 90-day visit runs out, you’ll need an extension up to 90 extra period within the Colombian immigration influence (Migracion Colombia). You will encounter an excellent if you decide to stay in Colombia beyond allowed, and you will probably not be able to set Colombia till the okay is definitely paid. Any visitor getting into with a Colombian charge of the sort (rather then visa-free entrance discussed above) with well over 90 days’ legality must enter the charge at a Migracion Colombia workplace or using the internet within 15 times of appearance in Colombia or encounter fines. You might be rejected access to Colombia unless you posses a return admission. Check out the Ministry of trade, market and vacation website for latest visa details.